Visiting Bich Dong pagoda in lotus season

Three kilometers to the east of Tam Coc boat pier in Ninh Binh province, Bich Dong pagoda boasts a mysterious ancient look. It is especially beautiful these days as surrounded by lotuses blooming.

Visiting Bich Dong pagoda in lotus season

Bich Ding pagoda.

The three old pagodas on Bich Dong, a grotto located in the Ngu Hanh Son mountain range, in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district is particularly interesting. The first pagoda is called Ha (Lower) pagoda , the second one named Trung (Middle) pagoda hides under the big limestone's cliff, then you walk through the grotto that calls Bich Dong to reach up the Thuong( Upper) pagoda where look over to the valleys with rice paddies, lotus ponds and a part of Ninh Hai Commune.

Bich Dong Pagoda lays humbly amid natural caves and majestic mountains, hidden in the green of tropical forests. During June and July, lotus leaves spread out widely, and the tall lotus buds are straight up to the sky to make the scene here more poetic and beautiful.

Bich Dong means "Green pearl Grotto" which reveals its magnificient natural beauties. Colors, shapes, and sounds of the shining stalactites converges in such a captivating miracle that no one could refuse to touch, knock and contemplate them in deed. The maverlous beauty of Bich Dong has attracted both domestic and foreign visitors so far, and it has become an itinerary for visitor when visiting Vietnam.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy