Viet Nam to deploy digital service passport nationwide

The Ministry of Health will organize a meeting next week to instruct deployment of the digital vaccine passport nationwide after a trial period.

Viet Nam to deploy digital service passport nationwide

The template and procedures for issuing "vaccine passports" were announced by the ministry last December.

Viet Nam's vaccine passport will contain 11 fields of information including name, date of birth, nationality.

It also contains doses of vaccines received, date of vaccination, lot number of vaccine batch, type of vaccine, vaccine product received, vaccine manufacturer, and code for certification.

To apply for the passport, accurate information must be filled and reviewed by immunization agencies and connected to the national database for authentication.

Everyone who has been vaccinated and have information on the vaccination management platform will be given a QR code displayed on the PC Covid or the "So Suc Khoe Dien Tu" (Electronic Health Book) applications for checking when going abroad.

As of March 22, over 202 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Viet Nam. 

Mutual recognition of vaccine passports

So far, Viet Nam has reached agreements on mutual recognition of vaccine passports with 17 countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

These countries include the U.S., the UK, Japan, Australia, Belarus, India, Turkey, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Singapore,  and the Republic of Korea.

(Source: VGP)

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