The Vissai NinhBinh won 1 point in guest-field

T.V.Ninh Binh once again had an unsuccessful match in guest-field and tied 2-2 with K.Kien Giang in their Round 5 V-League 2013 match.

The Vissai NinhBinh won 1 point in guest-field

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Despite facing with K.Kien Giang,who is considered weaker, coach Nguyen Van Sy got his strong line-up to the field with main players including Quang Huy, Gia Tu,Van Duyet, Peter, Tien Thanh, Van Ta, Manh Dung, Timothy, Moussa. Meanwhile, K.Kien Giang got in the home match with high determination to win as they had got no point after their 4 previous matches.

T.V.Ninh Binh had a brighter beginning when Moussa and Mai Tien Thanh scored into K.Kien Giang's goal at the 15th and 55th minute, respectively bringing T.V.Ninh Binh to the lead position.

There was a hard rain at the end of the 1st half. This caused bad influence on the professional skills of the players, especially T.V.Ninh Binh with their small, fast combined skills, which cannot be applied on the wet field.

Otherwise, K.Kien Giang, with hope for a home victory, exerted all their strength and got 2 goals of Felix Ajala at the 22nd and 63rd minute and equalized the score.

K.Kien Giang got their first 1 point after this match. T.V.Ninh Binh got 5 points after 5 rounds with 1 victory, 2 ties and 2 losses, provisionally stands at the 7th of V-League 2013.

Translated by DieuLinh