Ninh Binh's new-style rural building programme sees dramatic changes

Building new-style rural areas has been defined as one of the important tasks in the process of socio-economic development in Ninh Binh province. Especially, contributions of the cooperative economy sector and cooperatives have brought about great changes in rural areas and agriculture.

Ninh Binh's new-style rural building programme sees dramatic changes

Spacious and beautiful rural apprearance in Khanh Trung commune, Yen Khanh district.

Numerous "detonators" for rural economy

Though Ninh Binh has encountered numerous challenges, it has seen strong changes in building new-style rural areas.

The province has carried out effectively six programmes, namely "One commune, one product" (OCOP), developing rural tourism, science and technology, digital transformation, environment and social order and security.

Dozens of high-quality products that bear distinctive features of each region and locality have been produced and introduced to the market.

The OCOP programme has helped renew the model of production and business towards promoting internal potential, increasing economic values, and bringing more benefits to the  community. The programme also gives more advantages for localities that are striving to build model or advanced-new style rural areas.

Together with OCOP, the cooperative economy and cooperatives have become "detonators" for building new-style rural areas in Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binhs newstyle rural building programme sees dramatic changes
Products of Vina handicrarf rated as OCOP standards.


Currently, there are 476 operating cooperatives in the province, of which 83 specialise in producing and trading associated with production value chain. Some of the cooperatives have been applying hi-tech and joining hands in producing, processing and consuming farm produce.

The collective economy sector has created jobs and income for rural people. In 2022, it created over 1,200 jobs and contributed to reducing poverty sustainably.

Promoting comprehensive changes

Sinh Duoc Cooperative in Gia Sinh commune of Gia Vien district is a bright spot in the cooperative economy. It was established in 2014 with ten employees, and now the number of employees has increased by six folds.

By fully tapping potential of local raw materials, the Sinh Duoc Cooperative has created unique OCOP products, namely Bodhi leaf paintings, herbal soap and herbal oil.

Sinh Duoc has helped spurred local agricultural production and created stable income for local residents, ranging from 5.5 million VND per month per capita, thereby contributing to build advanced and model new-style rural areas in the locality.

These "detonators" from business households and cooperatives have resulted in strong performance of new-style rural building. Localities have restructured agricultural production models, developed rural economic sectors, and supported star-up businesses.

As a result, local people's income has been improved remarkably. By the end of 2022, the per capita income reached 57.9 million VND per year, with people live in rural areas earning 55.7 million VND per capita per year (7 million VND higher than that of 2021).

In 2022, Nho Quan and Kim Son districts and Ninh Binh city completed the tasks of building new-style rural areas.

The movement of building model resident areas has been spread widely and received the participation of local people. The appearance of rural areas have changed dramatically with clean, spacious houses, streets, gardens and beautiful landscapes.

In the coming time, Ninh Binh will continue to maintain and improve the quality of criteria of building new-style rural areas. It will exploit resources to invest in and upgrade infrastructure, tap local potential to boost socio-economic development, thereby contributing to improving the spiritual and material lives of people.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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