Ninh Binh's exports slump in April

Ninh Binh's exports fell 30.3 percent from the same month last year to 134.8 million USD in April.

Ninh Binh's exports slump in April

Garment products decline in export earning.

Department of Statistic data released on Tuesday shows that in first four months of 2020, total export turnover estimated to reach 645.7 million USD, reperesenting a year-on-year drop of 8 percent.

Key export staples witnessed high growth such as teetile and garment products (64.6 million USD); Cement -clinker (57.3 USD); footwear (100.4 USD); camera and telephone electronic components (356.9 million USD); electronic components (24.2 USD)

However, some products like garments, embroidery products and optical glass declines in export earnings.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy