Ninh Binh builds brand names from typical products

In the past years, cooperatives in the northern province of Ninh Binh have paid attention to choosing key and typical products to boost production and business in an attempt to build local brand names.

Ninh Binh builds brand names from typical products

Bodhi leaf painting of Sinh Duoc Cooperative.

In the recent years, Hoa Lu district has paid heed to preserving and promoting Van Lam traditional embroidery handicraft village (Ninh Hai commune) in association with tourism activities. 

The sale of embroidery products and organising tours to experience Van Lam embroidery village are expected to advertise Ninh Binh's land and people to visitors effectively. 

Bo Bat pottery village whose traditional craft disappeared for over 1,000 years old has been restored and developed since 2004.

Although being restored for nearly 20 years, Bo Bat pottery has confirmed its quality and gradually become a famous ceramic brand in the country and popular in other nations. 

Ninh Binh builds brand names from typical products
Bo Bat pottery making.


Though Bodhi leaf paintings, herbal soaps and herbal products of Sinh Duoc cooperatives have been produced for several years, they have become key products of Gia Vien district. The cooperative has taken advantages of available herbal sources to produce herbal soaps and herbal products, and a vast garden of Bodhi trees in Bai Dinh pagoda to product artistic Bodhi-leaf paintings with spiritual meanings.

Besides, localities across the province have developed their own distinctive products that bear unique characteristics of each region such as goat meat, fried rice, Cuc Phuong honey and Lai Thanh wine (Kim Son).

These products have been applied scientific and technological advances in manufacturing, processing, storing and packaging in a bid to increase quality and meeting the standards of OCOP products, thus expanding markets and confirming their brands of local products.

In the coming time, the Ninh Binh Cooperative Alliance will guide and steer local cooperatives to develop key and OCOP products in order to create distinctive products that bear unique features of each locality, towards building local brand names for Ninh Binh.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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