Dong Chuong Lake

With cool, fresh air and charming scenery, Dong Chuong Lake is an attractive place to visit, especially at weekend.

Dong Chuong Lake

Dong Chuong Lake is a big and clear sapphire water lake, lying between 2 communes of Phu Loc and Phu Long, Nho Quan district. When tourists visit here, they seem to be lost in heaven. The lake is very large and the water is always blue.

The lake water seems all the more blue with ranges of green pine tree hills that are immeasurably high which surrounds the lake.

Rowing a boat on clear water lake that reflects cloud shadows and listening to the sound of oars pushing the water and the songs of birds will make our minds peaceful, all troubles and worries seem to be disappear. There is Ba Tua waterfall and Chin Suoi stream. In the rainy seasons, limitless water falls pour down from the Stone Mountain.

Especially, when leaving boat for pine tree hills, tourists can see a small pond that is called Ao Troi (Sky Pond) full of water all year round. That is a gift granted by nature for this place. Dong Chuong lake is worthy to be called "Da Lat of Ninh Binh Province".

Translated by DieuLinh