Binh Minh 4 dyke expected to facilitate socio-economic development in Kim Son

After three years of construction, Binh Minh 4 dyke in the coastal district of Kim Son has basically completed and put into operation, opening up space and room for, and creating a shield for the locality's socio-economic development, especially aquaculture.

Binh Minh 4 dyke expected to facilitate socio-economic development in Kim Son

Aerial overview of Binh Minh 4 dyke.

Binh Minh 4 dyke has a total length of over 6.3 kilometers and was built at a cost of 480 billion VND. It runs from Day rivermouth and to the road leading to Con Noi border guard station.

The project plays an important role in sea encroachment, dyke reinforcement expanding space and creating favourable conditions for building residentials areas and boosting local socio-economic development. It also helps protect the alluvial ground outside Binh Minh 3 dyke and form a concentrated aquaculture area.

During the process of implementation, the investor has closely controlled bidding packages and quality of construction, and promptly handled difficulties and hindrances in a bid to carry out the project on scheduled. To date, the project has been basically completed.

Binh Minh 4 dyke expected to facilitate socioeconomic development in Kim Son
Construction at the project is being sped up.


Nguyen Thanh Binh, Vice Director of Ninh Binh's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, who is a representative of the investor,said the work has to date basically completed. The contractors are mobilising more equipment, machines and workers to speed up construction, striving to complete and put the project into operation by the end of 2023.

One completed, Binh Minh 4 dyke will help Ninh Binh to have a powerful sea dyke system that protects the life and property of local people from sea waves and wind in the rainy and storm season.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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