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Non Nuoc Mountain - Symbol of Ninh Binh Tourism

The Non Nuoc mountain is located to the northeast of Ninh Bình province, covers an area of around 2000m2. It is known as tourism symbol of northern province of Ninh Binh.

The original name of Non Nuoc mountain is Duc Thuy Son which is over 100m in height. It lies in intersection between Van and Day River. Over hundred years, the north-eastern side of the mountain foot has been eroded by ocean waves forming a hole at the bottom of the mountain. In far distance, the mountain looks like a roof cover a wide range of river below.

Situated at the base of the Non Nuoc mountain is the temple of similar name. A hundred years old Non Nuoc temple was built under King Ly Nhan Tong. In 2006, though it was repaired; the sacred beauty of the temple was remained.

To the southwest of the Mountain is Truong Han Sieu temple, which consecrates Culturist Truong Han Sieu who discovered the beauty of Non Nuoc mountain, and named the mountain as “Duc Thuy Son”.

Architecture style of Truong Han Sieu Temple like ancient word “Đinh” which character as follow: “丁”, including a 3 front compartments calledTien bai”, and 2 compartments of harems. Two stories of tiled roof, 4 corners bends like scimitar-shaped corners. The whole temple structure looks like a dragon boat floating on picture of mountain and river. 

Truong Han Sieu Temple
Truong Han Sieu Temple

The peak of Non Nuoc mountain is relatively flat that varies in heights between the back and the front. There is small belvedere which was built in 14th century provides a resting place for visitors after climbing up to 72 steps to reach the top of the mountain, and taking a nice view.

The Belvedere on the top of the mountain
The Belvedere on the top of the mountain

From the top of the Non Nuoc mountain, tourists can see an overall picture of the Ngoc My Nhan mountain, the Kite mountain (Cánh Diều) or they can enjoy a panoramic view of a developing Ninh Bình province.

The Non Nước mountain is also a history book recording our national struggle against foreign aggressors for thousands of years. In 1929, a young revolutionary soldier, Luong Van Tuy, defeated enemies in the area to set up the national flag on the top of Non Nuoc mountain. After the August revolution of 1945, the foot of this mountain was the gathering place of Southward march battalion.

In the resistance war against French colonialism, a blockhouse was built here by French troops and the Non Nuoc mountain was considered a very important place as a key in defending the Red-river Delta region. Furthermore, this mountain is also known as a Poetry Mountain as it is the place where many famous poets came here to enjoy the scenery and to write poem. There are hundreds of poems carved on cliffs by ancient celebrities like Lê Thánh Tông, Trương Hán Siêu, Phạm Sư Mạnh, Ngô Thì Sỹ etc.

With its historical and landscape value, Non Nuoc mountain and temple deserves as symbol of Ninh Binh tourism.

(Translated by: Nguyễn Thủy)

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