Investment Thứ năm, 22/02/2018 15:22

Ninh Binh to build ultra thin glass manufacturing plant

The Prime Minister has recently agreed to Ninh Binh’s project of building a ultra-thin glass manufacturing plant with capacity of 1,200 tons per day in Yen Khanh district.

Image for illustration.
Image for illustration.

The PM has steered that Ninh Binh must coordinate with the Ministry of Construction regarding a policy of investment; instruct enterprises in implementing the project strictly according to legal regulations; direct and supervise the process of implementation the project in order to ensure that products are manufactured as registered in the investment licence, meeting the environmental standards and technical regulations.

Investors shall carry out procedures of construction according to the current law, ensuring the implementation of the project on schedule as well as objectives of the project.

The Prime Minister has assigned the Ministry of Construction to review the master plan for development of construction materials in Vietnam to 2020 with orientations to 2030, in which attention should be paid to the planning of types of glass to meet the the domestic demand and exports to improve the efficiency of using natural resources by using modern processing technologies.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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