Van Long Natural Reserve

Located at around 17km away from Ninh Binh city to the North, Van Long Natural Reserve is bounded by 7 communes of Gia Vien district with a total area of 3.000 ha. This is the largest wetland reserve of Northern delta.

Van Long Natural Reserve

Van Long has been developed for tourism since 1998. In 1999, it was written in the list of wetland reserves and special-use forest systems of Vietnam.

It is home to 457 species of higher plants and 39 species of animals including rare and precious species listed in Red book of Vietnam such as: primates, lories, chamois, bears, ect. In particular, there is a species of belostomatid which is considered almost extinct. Air and water here is pretty fresh. The picture is imposing like a poem with a spacious area of water covering by limestone mountains in forms of the name Cat mountain, Rock Table mountain, Ink Slap mountain, Orphan mountain, Fairy mountain, etc. Van Long is well-known by the name 'no-wave bay' which is an ideal roadside stop for birds on their way of migration.

Van Long has a plentiful cave system which is valuable in tourism such as Fish cave, Shadow cave, Turtle cave, Lemon cave, etc. Particularly, Fish cave is 250m long through the water, 8m high and 10m wide; Shadow cave is 100m long.

Translated by DieuLinh