Ninh Binh speeds up mechanisation in agricultural production

In the past years, Ninh Binh province has reaped positive outcomes in mechanisation in agricultural production. The use of machines and equipment have helped the province increase labour productivity and values for farm produce.

Ninh Binh speeds up mechanisation in agricultural production

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Number of agricultural machines rises sharply

As the harvesting season begins, it is not difficult to see harvesting machines and straw rollers working in paddy fields.

Trinh Xuan Dao, a farmer in Truong Yen commune of Hoa Lu district, said:  "We have used machines in stages such as land ploughing, cultivation, fertiliser spraying, irrigation, harvesting and farm produce drying,  thus reducing manual labour, saving costs and increasing productivity."

In the past years, Ninh Binh has issued numerous policies to support the mechanisation in agricultural production. The number of agricultural machines and equipment such as soil tilling machines, water pumps, fertiliser and pesticide spraying drones, remote-controlled irrigation systems, straw rollers and seeding machines has been rising sharply.

Currently, the mechanisation rates in the soil tilling stage reaches 98%; in irrigation 95%, in fertiliser spraying 80%; in harvesting 95% and in seeding nearly 30%. 

In fact, mechanisation is seen as the key to increasing values for farm produce. It does not only reduce costs but also resolves the shortage of workforce, and increases productivity and quality of agricultural products. Mechanisation also helps form agricultural service establishments such as hiring machines for soil tilling, harvesting, fertiliser spraying and drying.

Speeding up mechanisation in production stages

Though the mechanisation in agricultural production has reaped positive outcomes, the rate of mechanisation in farming is not synchronic and comprehensive. The mechanisation rate in some phases such as seeding, processing and deep processing remains low. Amid the shortage of workforce in the agriculture sector, the application of mechanisation in agriculture production is necessary.

Speaking at a workshop on promoting the mechanisation in agricultural production held by the Center for Agriculture Expansion under the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Deputy Director of Agriculture and Rural Development Dinh Van Khiem stressed that mechanisation is a foundation for Ninh Binh's agriculture sector to make breakthrough development.

Mechanisation helps supplement human labour, ensure the time of production and increase income for farmers, he said.

The provincial People's Council had also promulgated a solution stipulating regulations to support the development of agricultural economy and rural areas, Khiem said, adding that these cover policies aimed at increasing mechanisation in agricultural production.

With numerous favourable conditions and mechanisms supporting the application of mechanisation, it is necessary to raise awareness and methods of cadres and farmers to implement these policies effectively, thus building a modern and sustainable agriculture sector and reducing manual farming for farmers with higher income.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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