RoK farmers study agriculture production in Ninh Binh

A delegation of farmers from the Republic of Korea had a working session on November 11 with Ninh Binh farmers to exchange experiences in producing and trading farm products.

RoK farmers study agriculture production in Ninh Binh

RoK farmers study agriculture production in Green technology company.

Speaking at the working session, leaders of the Ninh Binh Farmers' Union briefed their guests of the locality's socio-economic situation in recent years, stressing Ninh Binh is among top provinces nationwide in implementing the National Programme on building new-style rural areas.

The province has 91 communes and three districts that have been recognized as having completed all required criteria of the new-style rural area building programme.

In particular, Ninh Binh has implemented numerous policies, and programs to support farmers in producing and trading agricultural commodities and to improve the material and spiritual life for them.

Currently, the provincial Farmers' Union has over 124,000 members with 143 chapters.

Besides, the provincial Farmers' Union also pays heed to providing training programs, make science-technology transfer to its members; provide financial support to help them follow agriculture production practice.

The Farmers' Union has implemented a project named "Ninh Binh farmers say no to unsafe food" in the 2016 -2020periodwith the goal of raising the local farmers' awareness of their own responsibility for their actions in producing safe agriculture products.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Ninh Binh Farmers' Union has built 120 models of safe food production and trading across the province.

Attendants also exchanged other issues relating to producing and trading hi-tech agricultural commodities.

The RoK delegation made a fact-finding tour to observe the production models of Green Technology Company and Dong Giao Export JSC.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy