Ninh Binh strives to improve business climate and PCI

In a bid to create a favorable climate for enterprises amid the COVID-19 pandemic and momentum to draw more investment from both at home and abroad, Ninh Binh's sectors, departments and localities have actively taken measures to improve the business environment and the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

Ninh Binh strives to improve business climate and PCI

Ninh Binh is stepping up administrative reforms and remove obstacles for enterprises.

According to a representatives of the Department of Planning and Invesment, to strongly improve the business climate, in 2020, the department focused on stepping up administrative reforms and remove obstacles for  enterprises. 

The department took the lead in building an e-government, enabling online business registration and tax payments. 

Besides, it also worked with related sectors and agencies to create favorable conditions and reduce costs for startups by applying digital procedures.

Currently, the average time for issuing a certificate of business registration is slashed to two days for new registrations and one day and a half for information changes. 

In 2021, Ninh Binh province is striving to rank in the country's top 20 in terms of business climate and PCI. Therefore, sectors and agencies need to continue to take measures to constantly improve the local investment climate and support businesses' development.

Specifically, the tax sector will accelerate online tax declaration and payments.

The Department of Industry and Trade will ensure sufficient supply and access to electricity for enterprises.

At the same time, the department needs to effectively carry out industrial extension and trade promotion projects in order to support enterprises in production and business.

The Department of Tourism will cooperate with the Department of Planning and Investment and other sectors and departments to attract more investment into tourism infrastructure and tourism products. 

Improving the business climate has been considered one of Ninh Binh's efforts in implementing the Resolution of the 22nd Congress of the provincial Party Organisation. With  a range of solutions, Ninh Binh  is stepping up  administrative reforms to create a favorable investment environment for businesses, thus generating a driving force for the province's sustainable development.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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