VNPayTV continues pressing on English Premier League (EPL) broadcasting rights

The Vietnam Pay Television Association (VNPayTV) on July 23 has sent a document to the Vietnamese Government Office and the Ministry of Information and Communications, raising its viewpoint on broadcasting rights for the EPL 2013 - 2016 season.

Accordingly, the Association reconfirmed that it has strictly followed directions from the Ministry of Information and Communications for the negotiation of EPL 2013 - 2016 seasons broadcasting rights purchase.

However, the final negotiation on broadcasting rights between prepaid television stations has not been finalized yet, saying that Vietnam Television's idea was not fair.

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VNPayTV, on July 18, also sent a document to Vietnam Television, proposing a meeting between VNPayTV and members of Organizing Board for negotiation of purchasing EPL broadcasting rights as the time for EPL goal-kicking is coming soon. So far, there is no reply from Vietnam Television.

In final, VNPayTV proposes that the Vietnamese Government Office, the Ministry of Information and Communications, finalize this issue quickly, thus meeting the heat from Vietnamese football fans as well as harmonizing the benefits among PayTV services providers./.