Ninh Binh strives to have 6 new-style rural communes by 2020

The northern province of Ninh Binh has set a goal of having 6 communes recognised as new-style rural areas by 2020.

Ninh Binh strives to have 6 new-style rural communes by 2020

Yen My commune in Yen Mo district has been recognised as new-style rural area in 2019.

Six communes includes: Phu Son; Thanh Lac in Nho Quan district; Yen Dong, Yen Hung in Yen Mo district along with two communes of Xuan Chinh, Con Thoi in Kim Son district have been chosen to become new-style rural areas in the province in 2020.

Each commune categorised as a new-style rural area will be presented a welfare facility worth VND500 million (US$21,930) while each new-style rural district will have a facility worth two billion VND (US$87,723).

The national programme on building new-style rural areas, initiated by the Government in 2010, includes 19 criteria on socio-economic development, politics and defence, aiming to boost rural areas of Vietnam.

The criteria cover infrastructure development, production capacity improvement, environmental protection and cultural value promotion.

 By October, 2019, about 33.46 trillion VND has been mobilised for the work in the province so far, in which 30 percent come from local people's contribution to the new-style area building programme in Ninh Binh.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy