Ninh Binh steps up fire prevention and control during dry season

In the past few days, many localities have experienced a heat wave, with the temperature exceeding 40 degree Celsius. Local people, units, agencies, firms in the province need to pay special attention to preventing and controlling fire to protect the State and people's lives, health and assets.

Ninh Binh steps up fire prevention and control during dry season

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Over 30 square metres of forest have been burned recently in a protective forest in Gia Lam commune ofNho Quan district. The wildfire was caused by a careless smoker.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Do Anh Thuy, Deputy Chief of the Division ofFire Prevention and Control, and Rescue, said the fire fighting and rescue force has regularly mobilised household businesses, firms, units, agencies and families to strictly comply regulations on fire prevention and control.

Besides, the force has provided them with necessary knowledge related to measures to prevent and control fires.

In particular, the firefighter force has built various models of fire prevention and control at residential areas, companies and factories in a bid to prevent and control fires early, therefore mitigating the losses caused by the fires.

At the same time, the force has also worked with related units and agencies to inspect the preparation of personnel, facilities, equipment and scenarios for preventing and controlling fires at business households, firms, factories and localities.

Localities that have forests must allocate personnel and forest patrol guard forces around the clock to ready cope with fires during the dry season and summer days.

These localities need to arrange guard forces to patrol and control the high risks of fires, therefore promptly detect wildfires in a bid to act as soon as possible.

They are advised to devise scenarios for moving local people to safe places in case of emergency in an attempt to protect the lives and property of local people and the State.

The synchronic implementation of measures on fire prevention and control, thefirefighter and rescue force has helped raise the awareness of local people, firms and agencies in complying regulations on fire prevention and control, thus ensuring safety for their production and daily activities, thus creating favourable conditionsfor local socio-economic development.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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