Ninh Binh People's Council passes 22 resolutions at 15th session

The 14th People's Council of Ninh Binh province wrapped up its 15th meeting on December 6, with the adoption of 22 important Resolutions.

Ninh Binh People's Council passes 22 resolutions at 15th session

Delegates pressed button to pass 22 important Resolutions.

Secretary of the Ninh Binh provincial Party Committee Nguyen Thi Thanh, Chairman of the People's Council Tran Hong Quang, and Chairman of the provincial People's CommitteeDinhVanDienattended the session, among others.

During the working session, delegates discussed and agreed with assessments of the local socio-economic situation in2019.

In 2019, the province has fullfilled all the 16 socio-economic development goals set by its People's Council. The province achieved a GRDP growth rate of 10.02%; bugdet collection hit a new record, meanwhile industrial production saw robust performance, and the agricultural sector continued to maintain its growth pace.

To the overall growth, total industrial production estimated to hit over 71,83 trillion VND (3.1 billion USD), up 24.4 % against 2018; the agriculture-forestry-fishery sector contributed 12.3%; the industry and construction sector, 45.6%; and the service sector, 42.1%.

In 2019, the province granted investment licences to 46 projects, up 22 projects against 2018, with total registered capital of 10.3 trillion VND, five times higher than that of 2018.

Export turnover in 2019 stood at 2.1 billion USD, representing a rise of 35.2% in comparison to the year ago.

Notably, State budget collection hit 15.2 trillion VND (656 million USD), much higher than the target set, meanwhile tourism turnover estimated to achieve 3.6 trillion VND (155 million USD), an increase of 12.5 percent.

To date, Ninh Binh has two districts, one city, and 101 out of 118 communes met the criteria of building new-style rural areas, exceeding the target set by the People's Council.

The provincial People's Committee also mapped out the socio-economic development plan for 2020.

Accordingly, in 2020, Ninh Binh plans to continue stabilizing the economy, and achieve a GRDP growth rate of above 8%. It aims at boosting industrial production and small handicraft industry; attracting more investment into technical infrastructure, thus drawing more investors into its industrial clusters.

It has set to achieve a growth of 11% in industry - construction production value compared to that of 2019.

Besides the locality has set to continue to improve the investment environment, increase competitiveness, and address difficulties facing enterprises in 2020.

The other tasks will be developing tourism as a spearhead economy; striving to receive over 7.7 million visitors and earn more than 3.9 trillion VND (168 million USD) in turnover; continuing implementing social welfare soundly and raising the material and spiritual life of local people; streamlining administrative procedures; stepping up diplomatic affairs and integration; and strengthening national defence and social security.

It looks to have two districts and six more communes to be recognised as new-style rural areas by 2021.

Also at the session, delegates passed 22 important resolutions that could help the locality achieve stronger and more sustainable growth.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy