Ninh Binh focuses on developing industrial clusters

In the past years, Ninh Binh has stepped up planning and investment in infrastructure construction in a bid to attract secondary investors into industrial clusters.

Ninh Binh focuses on developing industrial clusters

Industrial clusters in the province have created jobs for over 62,000 labourers.

Van Phong industrial cluster in Nho Quan district covers a total area of 50 hectares and has investment capital of 418 billion VND.

The ground leveling work at the Van Phong industrial cluster has been completed while technical infrastructure items such as a wastewater treatment station and internal roads are being constructed. To date, it has attracted four projects.

According the planning scheme, Khanh Thuong industrial cluster in Yen Mo district has a total area of 70.6 hectares with total investment capital of 400 billion VND.

Currently, the ground levelling work and infrastructure construction in the first phase have been completed.

It has attracted eight secondary investors, four of which began their operations and created jobs for 1,000 labourers.

These are among the projects on developing industrial clusters in the province.

Ninh Binh has been developing industry in an attempt to create more jobs for local labourers, shift its economic structure, and ensure sustainable development towards green, safe and modern industry.

According to the provincial Department of Industry and Trade, by the end of 2021, the local industrial clusters had attracted 225 operating projects, with total registered capital of over 17.76 trillion VND. 

These enterprises earned over 10.1 trillion VND in revenue, contributed over 250 billion VND to the provincial budget, and created jobs for over 26,000 labourers.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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