Ninh Binh determined to improve PCI in 2022

Though it has improved its management and governance and administrative reform, Ninh Binh's provincial competitiveness index (PCI) in 2021 remains low without improvement in the ranking as compared to the previous year. Having defined enhancing the competitiveness edge as one of the most important tasks, local authorities have taken solutions to improve the province's business and investment climate and PCI in the coming time.

Ninh Binh determined to improve PCI in 2022

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PCI fails to meet set target

In 2021, the Ninh Binh Provincial People's Committee directed administrations at all levels and sectors to synchronically carry out solutions to fulfill the province's socio-economic development goals and tasks. In particular, it had assigned specific tasks to agencies and units to follow specific sub-indices in an attempt to improve the investment climate and PCI.

In 2021, some sub-indices ranked in the high group: PAPI ranked 8th out of 63 cities and provinces, up 18 places compared to the previous year; SIPAS climbed up seven places to 12th.

However, Ninh Binh continued standing at the 58th position out of 63 cities and provinces across the country in the PCI ranking with 60.53 points. Many sub-indices dropped and ranked at the bottom place: Market entry dropped 6 places; land access declined 34 places, time spending fell 16 places; dynamism down 21 positions; transparency and business support services ranked at the bottom group.

According to the provincial People's Committee, there are both subjective and objective reasons behind the said-above shortcomings.

Many officials and civil servants, especially heads of units and agencies, are not fully aware of the importance of improving the business climate and PCI. They have not taken the initiative in removing difficulties, assisting businesses, and guiding administrative procedures.

Ninh Binh found it hard to solve businesses' proposals in term of investment and land since 2021 was the first year it implemented the planning scheme and the planning scheme was still not synchronous and complete.

Local sectors have not yet mapped out breakthrough solutions to assist enterprises and build trust among them about the administration's support.

There are still limitations in providing  information for enterprises to seek markets, investment opportunities, trade partners.

The communication work remains limited, so many enterprises haven't fully grasped the province's viewpoints and policies in order to join and implementing these policies.

Improving PCI is a key task

Improving the business climate and PCI have been defined as key tasks of local authorities in its management and governance to implement socio-economic development tasks. Therefore, the Ninh Binh Provincial People's Committee has directed departments, sectors and localities to shift their working style from "managing" to "serving" local people and businesses. People and businesses should be put at the centre of the province's development with the motto "The administration accompanies, listens to and removes difficulties for enterprises".

With that spirit, administrations at all levels and sectors in the province continued carrying out the task of building e-administration and digital transformation; thus creating transparency and openness as a base for socio-economic breakthroughs in the time to come.

Dinh Thi Thuy Ngan, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment, said in a bid to create strong changes in implementing the District and Department Competitiveness Index (DDCI) in particular and PCI in general, heads of sectors, units and agencies must ask their cadres and civil servants to strictly fulfill their assigned tasks, especially for those constantly direct contact with local people and firms; and provide more training courses for them. These are seen as new and different points of Ninh Binh in improving the business and investment climate and PCI as compared to other provinces.

Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Chairman of the Ninh Binh Business Association, suggested provincial authorities enhance the communication work to popularise all policies and viewpoints to businesses and local people. 

It is necessary to increase the participation of the Ninh Binh Business Association and occupation associations in popularizing and implementing the province's polices and removing difficulties faced by enterprises, he added.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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