Kong: Skull Island film studio in Trang An landscape demolished

After two years of locating inside the core area of Trang An landscape, the film studio made for Hollywood blockbuster Kong: Skull Island was demolished on September 20.

Kong: Skull Island film studio in Trang An landscape demolished

Tribe village inside Kong film studio.

A plan to build an village of ancient Vietnamese people on the site will be considered.

According to Mr Bui Van Manh,Vice Director of the Ninh Binh Deparment of Tourism, the demolition is part of heritage conservation efforts. The demolition is done as recommended by UNESCO, which said that if the film studio stood in the core area of the limestone complex for a long time,many visitors would misunderstand the film set and props included thachted roof tents, daily life tools, tribe people there are typical cultural identity of Trang An.

The demolition is part of the province's long term plan to turn the area into an outdoor museum of ancient Vietnamese people village. In that village, the evolutionary process of ancient people in the Trang An area in particular, and in Southeast Asia in general will be depicted.

The plan reflects the values of Trang An landscape that bears the traces of habitants of ancient Vietnamese people.

The film studio for Kong: Skull Island was rebuilt to serve visitors since April 2017. There, around 40 tents and daily-life tools, tribe people, models of a ship and airplane resembling those in the film were on display. Authorities in Ninh Binh turned the studio into a popular tourist attraction as part of a package of activities for visitors to the Trang An tourism complex.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy