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Over 1 million foreign visitors travel to VN in October

The number of foreign arrivals to Viet Nam hit 1.02 million in October, representing a month-on-month growth of 5%. This was the seventh consecutive month, Viet Nam welcomed over 1 million foreign visitors.

In October, the number of foreign arrivals witnessed a year-on-year growth of 24.7% of which the number of visitors came from Asia increased 29.4%; Europe up 8.3%; America up 8%; Oceania up 20.7%; and Africa up 23.6%.

In the first ten months, the number of foreign visitors was estimated at over 10.47 million, posting a year-on-year growth of 28.1%. Out of the number, over 8.87 million travelled by air (up 31%); more than 1.38 others went by road (up 18%); and 204,700 travelled by sea.

In the January-October period, over 7.89 million Asian visitors came to Viet Nam, representing a year-on-year growth of 32.8%. All markets witnessed rising figures especially over 3.24 million Chinese (up 45.6%); over 1.93 million from the Republic of Korea (up 53.9%); 658,200 Japanese people (up 7.7%).

The number of European arrivals was estimated at 1.52 million, a year-on-year growth of 18.1%. Especially, over 457,300 Russian people came to Viet Nam on the reviewed period.

As much as 671,200 American guests travelled to Viet Nam in the first ten months, up 10.4% against the same period last year.

(Source: VGP)

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