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Only domestic companies entitled to construct part of North-South expressway

The Ministry of Transport has announced that only domestic companies are entitled to join bidding process for construction of part of the Eastern North-South Expressway.

Photo for illustration.
Photo for illustration.

The Eastern North-South Expressway was divided into 11 component projects, including three fully State-funded and eight public-private partnership ones.

For the eight PPP projects, 60 local and foreign investors submitted documents of interests as of July this year but very few passed the qualification round, leading to low competition.

Specifically, no investors were qualified for four projects while only one or two investors were qualified for each of the last four.

Against that backdrop, the ministry has to re-evaluate and readjust the bidding process in order to successfully implement those key projects, ensuring national security.

The Eastern North-South Expressway, with total length of 654 km running through 13 provinces and cities, is the key project of the Ministry of Transport for 2017-2020 period.

Construction of the first State-funded project, Cam Lo-La Son section, began on September 19 while the eight PPP projects are scheduled to start in April next year.

(Source: VGP)

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