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Ninh Binh to shut down traditional lime kilns by 2020

In 2018, Ninh Binh province’s Department of Construction cooperated with sectors, branches to implement Plan No 85/KH-UBND dated October 7, 2016 of the Ninh Binh Provincial People's Committee on closing the operation of traditional lime kilns in the province, with a view to mitigating environmental pollution , the issue that caught local people's concerns.

Traditional lime kiln in Tam Diep district.
Traditional lime kiln in Tam Diep district.

Currently, there are 93 traditional and rotary lime kilns operating in the province.

To shut down the operation of traditional lime kilns by 2020, the Department of Construction has communicated the effects of traditional lime kilns to the environment and people's health.

In addition to that, the Department has encouraged enterprises to invest in building modern lime kilns in planned areas. It said it will pay more heed to inspecting design and construction of new kilns in a bid to ensure that new modern kilns follow national standards.

According to Head of the Construction Material Department under the Department of Construction, Mr Pham Dinh Chien, most of traditional lime kilns in the province has been closed.

There are no traditional lime kilns in Yen Mo and Yen Khanh districts, but some are still operating in Tam Diep and Gia Vien districts.

As planned, these kilns must halt their operation by 2020 completely.

Besides, the Ninh Binh People's Committee has issued a policy to encourage the development of unburned construction materials. It should continue to encourage the use of unbaked construction materials in construction in the locality.

Mr Chien said that Ninh Binh authorities must hand down strict punishments on the owners of traditional lime kilns if they resume operating the kilns.

Local authorities must draw up a detailed plan to support traditional kilns owners in shifting to applying modern and friendly technololy in producing lime and other construction materials, he added.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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