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Ninh Binh succeeds in controlling African swine fever

According to the latest report of Ninh Binh Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Authorities, no African Swine fever disease outbreak in 100% of communes and wards in the province for 40 past days.

More than a year since the first outbreak occured in Ninh Khang commune, Hoa Lu district, the fallout for Ninh Binh’s livestock industry was huge. Over a year, African Swine fever has occurred in 1.215 hamlets of 142 communes and wards across 8 Ninh Binh’s districts and cities. The total number of pigs had been culled was 108.811 with a total weight of over 6.3 thousand tonnes.

By April, 10, 2020, 100% of the communes and wards in the province hit by ASF have gone more than 40 days without any reoccurrence of the epidemic since the last pigs were culled in Tan Binh ward, Tam Diep city on March 1, 2020.

Ninh Binh Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Authoritiess officials also admitted that the risk of an outbreak in the near future is still likely despite the disease having been placed under control.

As no vaccines or treatment yet for the disease, while the virus is highly resistant and can survive many diverse environmental factors. Besides, the larger circulation of pork in the area, making it difficult for functional forces to manage any contamination.

To better control the disease and stabilise the local animal husbandry, Ninh Binh Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Authorities’s official asked localities focuse on guiding farmers to detoxify the farming environment and recover their herds to stabilise market supply; local authorities need to strengthen their inspection of recovered local herds to ensure their biosecurity; localities must closely monitor the disease situation to promptly detect any new outbreaks.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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