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Ninh Binh province’s production up 22.9 per cent in January

The Ninh Binh province’s index of industrial production (IIP) in January rose significantly by 22.9 per cent against the same month last year, according to the Department Statistics Office.

Footwear production line in Chung Jye company.
Footwear production line in Chung Jye company.

Department Statistics Office attributed the impressive IIP growth to the fact that domestic firms have concentrated on producing goods to meet increasing demands of local people for the Lunar New Year (Tết) holidays.

Most of goods used for production such as electricity, coal, gas, automobile assembly surged remarkably.

In the first month, the processing sector saw the strongest IIP growth at 23 per cent, followed by automobile assembly at 28.9%, electronic components at 8per cent, camera 18.4 per cent, and the canned food industry at 24 per cent.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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