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Ninh Binh enhances environment protection for tourism sustainable development

With numerous beautiful and alluring tourismsites,Ninh Binh is becoming a popular destination to visitors. The increasing number of visitors year – on –year poses a challenge to local authority and managers in protecting the environment in these spots to achieve sustainable development for the tourism sector.

Youth union of Deparment of Tourism launches campaign of protecting environment in Tam Coc.
Youth union of Deparment of Tourism launches campaign of protecting environment in Tam Coc.

In 2016 alone, the province welcomed 6.4 million visitors, including 715,000 foreign guests. By October 2017, the number of visitors to Ninh Binh hit 6.4 million, the number of foreign visitors was 722,000, generating an estimated tourism revenue of 2.2 trillion VND, an increase of 41.8 % against 2016.

That fact made the tourism sector recognize the importance of environment protection in the tourism sector's sustainable growth, contributing to socio-economic development of the locality.

Accordingly, the tourism sector has implemented synchronous measures to manage, conserve, and develop values of heritage in compliance with the International Convention for the Protection of Heritage and the country's Law of Heritage.

In 2015, the provincial People's Committee has steered and issued Decisions to protect the environment in Trang An heritage in particular, and in other tourist sites in the area in general.

At the seminar discussing“Environmental protection at national tourist sites”held by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tousim in July 2017, Director of Ninh Binh’stourism sector Bui Thanh Dong stressed that the sector has launched numerous campaigns to raise local awareness of the importance of environmental protection; organized workshops on knowledge of conservation heritage, and civilized behaviors toward the environment for travel agencies, businesses and local people in the tourist sites.

Besides, other measures were also taken, including managing flows of visitors, offering different routes to reduce the large number of visitors high season, and providing attractive promotion programs in low season.

As a result, the natural environment and social environment of Ninh Binh have been improved, with no beggars and thieves appearing at tourist sites. These positive signs have been highly commended by local and international travel agencies.

In the coming time,the Ninh Binh tourism sector continues to implement heritage conservation efforts in particular and environmental protection in general, focusing all resources on ensuring the tourism environment at tourist sites in order to attain sustainable development and green growth for the tourism sector.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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