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Ninh Binh’s export hits over 625 million USD in first half of 2018

Ninh Binh province earned 625 million USD in the first half of 2018, showing an increase of 15% compared to the same period last year, and achieving 50% of the annual plan.

Illustrative image.
Illustrative image.

The result was attributed to the locality's effort to expand markets and raise the quality of goods.

Key hard-currency earners included cement and clinker, textile and garment, mobile phone components, and camera and electronic components.

At present, Ninh Binh is exporting goods to many countries and territories worldwide, mainly those in Asia, Americas, Europe, Australia and Africa.

The Department of Trade and Industry has implemented various measures to support export enterprises.

In 2018 ,Ninh Binh targets to earn over 1.25 billion USD in its export turnover. To reach the above target, the Department of Trade and Industry continues to help exporters to take advantage of FTA in terms of tariff preferences to boost exports.

It also continues to accelerate e-trading to promote and advertise goods; organize trade promotion programs to support local enterprises in expanding their markets.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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