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Gov’t prepares for breaking year-2019

The national conference between the Government and localities will take place tomorrow with the participation of Party General Secretary, State President Nguyen Phu Trong.

Illustrative photo.
Illustrative photo.

The upcoming conference will take place right after the Government’s regular meeting on December 27 on the threshold of the New Year. The event aims to realize the socio-economic development plan and state budget estimate for 2019 after the year of 2018 with comprehensive outcomes in all fields under the leadership of the Party, high political determination, the business community, and people.

GDP growth rate was estimated at 7%, the record high over the last ten years, bigger than forecasts. Other records were set including those on foreign reserve, export, and trade surplus. Noticeably, in spite of high growth rates, Viet Nam still maintained stable macro-economy, lower budget deficit, and stable stock market.

On the basis of outcomes in 2018, the hinge year, the domestic economy moved on the right track.

Accordingly, economic scale increased 1.3 times, GDP per capital grew US$ 440, people’s living standards were improved. The country was projected to fulfill the five-year development goals in 2016-2020. At present, 11 goals were met or even surpassed.

To fulfill the tasks for 2019, the Government aims to pursue key measures including macro-economic stability, inflation curbing, business and investment environment improvement, economic growth, implementation of strategic breakthroughs, economic transformation, growth modal renovation, higher labor productivity, and higher competitiveness.

In addition, cultural development and social harmonization will go with economic growth, higher material and spiritualspirits, better management of natural resources and environment, prevention of natural disasters and climate change.

The legal system will be perfected. Administrative procedures will be vigorously reformed. Investigations and settlement of complaints, accusations, corruption, and wastefulness will be promoted.

National defence will be strengthened. Security and social order will be safeguarded. Diplomatic work and international integration will be improved.

According to PM Phuc, 2019 is the hinge year for the fulfillment of the 2016-2020 plan and the 2011-2020 strategy.

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